Debbie Hensley

Director of Client Care

Debbie joined the Financial Advising Industry in 2018 after spending 20 years in the real estate industry where she supported over 70 Brokers. During that time, she did everything from processing transactions and marketing to managing the entire office, with her focus always on how she and her team could make the client experience seamless and enjoyable.

When given the opportunity to partner with Guide Advisors to build long-term relationships by empowering others to live in freedom through financial guidance and coaching to families and businesses, she couldn’t pass it up. She now tackles the constant task of supporting Advisors staff, and clients alike through being a liaison with Insurance providers, processing paperwork, scheduling, and overseeing the client experience to make sure everyone receives the extraordinary care Guide Advisors values to provide.

Away from the office she is wife to husband Terry and mom to two amazing boys. Passionate about her church community and supporting her boys’ sports and school endeavors, she finds that life never gives her a dull moment. During her few slow moments, she tries to find time to pursue her true life calling: beach combing.